Going for gold with new park bandstand

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The recreation of a historic bandstand for Wilton Lodge park is becoming a reality, with experts currently moulding and casting the new structure.

The return of the traditional structure to the park is part of its £3.64 million Heritage Lottery Fund regeneration, with the design of the bandstand now well under way at the Lancashire workshops of the restoration company Lost Art.

And Scott Castle, Project Manager, has revealed to the Hawick News: “During a stakeholders meeting for a general update on the project and to seek opinions, it was decided that the bandstand will be Hawick blue and gold, with a request for some red.”

The base, at the bandstand’s former site near the Henderson Shelter, is due be constructed using local stone, in August, ahead of it being built fully in September.

However, townsfolk will currently be able see work being carried out to restore the park’s monuments and statues.

Mr Castle added: “The Cenotaph at the museum is the first to be restored. KK Art has been engaged to undertake this work and staff are currently on site. Works will then be carried out on the Boer War Memorial, Guthrie statue, Hislop statue and McNee fountain.”

Memorial tablets and the Laurie shelter are also in-line for improvements next month. Once the park is less busy towards the end of the year, the five-year project will focus on the Henderson shelter, walled garden, waterfall walk and museum frontage from October.