Gifts galore for the gardener in your life

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Still wondering what to give someone for Christmas? If they have a garden and spend many hours tending it, then your problem could be solved as there are all manner of gifts to choose from.

If they haven’t a garden but love house plants, there’s one solution – there are lots of wonderful pot plants available at this time of year.

Garden centres and other outlets stock quite a diverse range of sundries which many a gardener would surely appreciate.

Good aquality tools are never a waste of money, so to get the best, buy the best. Cheap hand trowels and hand forks can often bend or break at the neck and the shanks on the larger tools such as spades and forks can sometimes come loose.

A quality tool can last a lifetime – a cheap one is not the answer. An stainless steel spade, for example, if cleaned each time after use is a sound investment and can outlive the owner. It will slice through soil, whereas soil can cling to the other types.

A quality pair if secateurs will always make a clean, sharp cut and are better designed to fit comfortably in the hand – consider cheap ones and you only get what you pay for. There are two basic types: one has a bypass blade, the most popular, the other cuts on a block and will not prune cleanly once this shows signs of wear.

A belt holster for secateurs means that they would always be on hand, not having to hunt for them all the time; and a good quality penknife is handy for any gardener for a variety of uses.

Gloves for protecting hands and kneeling pads for protecting knees can be inexpensive gifts. There are various types of the former and in a variety of materials, depending on the type of work envisaged.

Anyone with paving or mono sets will most likely have the problem of removing unsightly weeds from between the spaces. A patio knife is ideal for this and specifically designed for the job. The L-shaped blade is thin enough to get between those difficult-to-weed places.