George puts his stamp on club night

WITH the scheduled guest speaker unable to attend because of the weather, local Stamp Club member George Burney stepped in with a well-presented display of Germany 1933-1941.

The first issue featured Frederik the Great, King of Prussia 1712-1786, which was folllowed by the opening of the new parliament at Potsdam, and an issue with the bust of Hindenburg. A set of airmail stamps showed a globe and the German eagle and featuring in the design for the first time was the swastika. Included in the period were several ‘charity’ issues with the extra money generated soon being diverted to the Nazi war machine.

The Third Reich used stamps extensively for propaganda purposes, such as the Saar Plebicite, 1934; restoration of that region to Germany, 1935; the return of Danzig, 1939; and in 1941 the Germany-Italy ‘comradeship in arms’ stamp featuring Hitler and Mussolini.

Surprisingly, it was not until 1937 that Hitler appeared on a single stamp, this for his 48th birthday, followed in 1941 by several values.

It was a night combining philately and European history.