‘Further hurdles’ slow down garden plans

Scottish Borders Council won’t take forward plans for a Remembrance Garden at Burnfoot’s Wilton Cemetery unless a viable business case can be made in its favour.

And the man behind the idea says he’s “disappointed” that the council have “put further hurdles in our way”.

SBC have questioned the viability of the scheme and are now asking for a business plan to be drafted showing support and need, but Jamie Batten has vowed to continue with plans for the facility.

Speaking this week, Mr Batten said: “I am disappointed to be honest. I really thought, with the backing of Hawick Community Council and Burnfoot Community Council, as well as the town’s undertakers that we were getting somewhere with this at last.

“We need to get estimates from various tradesmen and we need to show as much further support as we can get. I’m not giving up, goodness no, the fight goes on. This would be a marvellous facility and I am sure it would be popular.”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “This is a community-led initiative which the council has previously supported and continues to support. However, it is up to the group to put forward their business case for this project.”