Fund-raising friends offer Lewis special Norway trip

Lewis Teckkam and Andrew Johnstone are looking forward to the sponsored challenge to Denholm next month
Lewis Teckkam and Andrew Johnstone are looking forward to the sponsored challenge to Denholm next month
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A local student who has cerebral palsy is set to earn the trip of a lifetime thanks to his fund-raising efforts with friends.

Twenty-year-old Lewis Teckkam, who uses a wheelchair, will be part of the procession on the Denholm Ride-out and will generate sponsorship money to fund a trip for himself and mates Andrew Johnstone and Jack Bruce to attend a camp in Norway designed for people with a disability.

The trio are preparing to go to Handicamp near the Norwegian capital of Oslo on June 22, where Lewis will enjoy activities such as horseback riding and waterskiing.

When asked what he was looking forward to most, Lewis, a student of admin and IT at Borders College, said: “Meeting new people from other countries.”

Andrew, who also acts as Lewis’s carer as part of his day job, says the camp will offer a rare opportunity for his good friend to experience a range of leisure pursuits.

“There are not many places you can go horseback riding or waterskiing in a wheelchair,” said 19-year-old Andrew. “Some of the other activities you experience are boating, fishing, production of radio and newspapers, and trips into the wilderness.

“We want to see what Norway’s like. Lewis is really interested in different countries’ traditions, food and general life. We’re there for two weeks, and within that time we’ll have three or four days to do what he wants.”

Andrew, a carer at St Andrew’s care home in Stirches, has known Lewis since the pair started at the high school and has looked after him as part of his professional duties. He will push Lewis in a wheelchair from Hawick to Denholm for a sponsored ‘Ride-Out’ on June 2 that will subsidise their trip to Norway.

“Lewis’s mum came across Handicamp via someone at the Rotary Club,” explained Andrew. “Anyone from around the world can apply, but we never thought someone from Scotland would get in.

“We found out by email that we had been accepted. We were delighted and Lewis was ecstatic.”

For more information, contact Andrew on 372365.