Full steam ahead at Film and Video Group

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At the meeting on Tuesday evening, Jean Tait produced and presented a short film about a trip on the Bo’ Ness and Kinneil steam railway near Grangemouth, which was accompanied by the Flying Scotsman music of the Alexander Brothers.

Henry Gray screened two remarkable films which were downloaded from the internet, the first featured a group of six, talented, very young children in North Korea, each playing a guitar faultlessly, very impressive. The second film was a military parade in China, with countless ranks of soldiers marching in perfect formation and all appearing to be clones of each other, all being the same height, same build and with a clockwork-step movement.

Alec Peterson completed the show with a DVD of the 1953 expedition to climb Mt. Everest. This was from the actual footage of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay successfully reaching the 29,000ft. summit of the world’s highest mountain.

The meeting on 26th November will be an evening with Scott Renwick entitled Scraping the Barrel.