Frustrated locals clear lock-ups

The lock-ups have been boarded up by SBHA
The lock-ups have been boarded up by SBHA
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RESIDENTS have taken it upon themselves to clear the derelict lock-ups at Kenilworth Avenue.

Secretary of Burnfoot Community Council, Ian Middlemass, told the Hawick News this week he became “sick and tired” of dealing with Scottish Borders Council and Scottish Borders Housing Association – who have been at the centre of an ownership wrangle for some time.

And while staff from the SB Local team cleared large rubbish off the road last week, the lock-ups were left “full of disgusting rubbish”.

This prompted Mr Middlemass, who was off work suffering from a slipped disc, and his fiancee, along with Burnfoot Community Councillor Jamie Batten and town councillor Stuart Marshall, to do the job themselves. He explained: “With Stuart Marshall lifting the heavy objects and myself and my fiancee doing the light but stinking mess, we had the lock-ups cleaned out in an hour, and half-an-hour later they were sealed off and the road was swept.

“It beggars belief that the local authority or housing association could not do this themselves and I hope, although I’m not holding my breath, that they are embarrassed that the local people have had to do this themselves when they get paid a fortune of tax payers’ money to sort these problems out. I’m sure if it was close to their houses it would never have got into that kind of state.”

The lock-ups have been boarded up by SBHA.