Fresh concerns over Bonchester phone signal

Mobile phone giant Vodafone has again been accused of abandoning customers in the Bonchester Bridge area.

And one man has thrown the towel in with the communications company and switched provider following months or wrangling over the poor phone signal.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, Cliff Griffiths, who heads Hobkirk Community Council, said: “I have had enough. I have been complaining for some time now and since August 27.

“It [the signal] has gone again in exactly the same locations. There has been a poor response again. My latest email [from Vodafone] insisted there was no problem with the signal.

“At least four of my neighbours are reporting the exact same problem. But I was told recently that it was my phone that was faulty but it has nothing to do with my phone.

“When the signal is good it is excellent but out here you rely on it. Some of the farmers have also been having problems and getting a good signal depends [on] where they are on the farm which is a really ridiculous situation. It’s just not good enough.”

The Hawick News has reported on the problem in the past and in January we highlighted and issue which lasted for almost three months, and at the time Hawick Councillor Stuart Marshall was highly critical of the phone provider.

Mr Griffiths added: “They are not listening at all. I have had enough and I have changed my mobile provider now. Vodafone aren’t easy to get hold of and this time they are saying it has nothing to do with them.

“People really do rely on having a good reception in these rural areas and to be honest with Vodafone it has just been one thing after another. They pay you compensation but it’s just not acceptable any longer.”

The Hawick News attempted to contact Vodafone several times for a comment but we were unable to do so.