Forestry traffic fears in Backdamgate

Concerns have been raised over timber lorries trying to negotiate the tight corner at Backdamgate.

Community Councillor Greg McLeod threw the spotlight on the issue at Monday night’s meeting in the town hall. He said: “The lorries just mount the kerb and away they go.”

Scottish Borders Council councillor, Ron Smith, said: “The log lorries should not be coming through Backdamgate. It’s an excluded section. We have been reporting registration numbers regularlyover the past three months to the [SBC] timber transport officer.

“But we have a major problem because what they’re doing is taking timber from the top of Limekilnedge. If you’re up that way you will see there is a massive stack [up there].”

Mr Smith said Backdamgate was being targeted [by SBC], and that it wasn’t a case of how the lorries could negotiate [the corner] – they shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Mr McLeod: “Where should they be going?”

Councillor Smith: “The agreed route is across Berryfell to Hawthornside. They should not be coming across the Stobs bridge, they should not be coming across the Crowbyres bridge, and they should not be coming through Backdamgate.”

Councillor, Stuart Marshall: “If these guys are reported, is there a follow-up mechanism to see what happened to them?”

Mr Smith: “It’s not a legality, it’s a code of practice. It’s what’s called in timber transport terms an agreed routes map.”

He added that although hauliers weren’t breaking the law, the routes could be enforced within the timber transport industry.