Forest trek for 50+ walkers

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Sunday saw nine 50+ Walking Group members meeting at the Haugh for the wild glens of Liddesdale to a new forest on Saughtree Grain.

Leaving the cars at the start of the forest track, then walking up the edge of Abbey Knowe, the group soon reached a very attractive shepherd’s cottage. Climbing more steeply now, the wind was being a pest with strong gusts.

As the group made their way round the shoulder of Muckle Head, near the top of of Redsear Sike, the forest track stopped, forcing them to take to the hill over quite rough and wet peat bogs. However, the leader had been over the ground the previous week and marked a safer route. On reaching the march fence at Lamblair Hill, shelter was found in the forest for lunch.

The walkers then took the track back down over Mid Hill and Alison Sike, to where the two tracks meet at an old shepherd’s cottage, after which it was a steady walk back to the cars.

A good walk not helped by the unsettled weather.