Fither Gray ‘can’t wait’ for Chase night gallop

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Acting Father Alan Gray says the only word he can use to describe his feelings ahead of the Thursday Night Chase is “excited”.

But that is because the jubilant 45-year-old admits that he cannot predict which range of emotions he will experience as he takes centre stage in his role as Acting Senior Magistrate.

Alan, who says it’s hard to believe that the privilege he has cherished so far is not yet ‘official’, told the Hawick News: “It is impossible to know how I will feel on Thursday night when I lead the married men and receive my badge of office, but I’m really excited and can’t wait.”

But Alan, a clerk of works with SBHA, added: “It’s a big night and something that I’ve thought about alot since Picking Night. I just hope that that emotional gun that sometimes just shoots you in the Hut, doesn’t get me too

The horses muster in Backdamgate at 6pm and ride by Towerdykeside to Rosebank. The Cornet’s Acting Father’s Chase is followed by the Cornet’s Chase. They then ride from the top of the Nipknowes to St Leonards to order the curds and cream.

They remount at 8.15pm and marshal at the foor of Flex Brae. At approximately 9pm they approach Tower Knowe followed by the procession along High Street, by Union Street, before dismissing at Towerdykeside.