Fireworks display will be funded by residents, not community council

IN RESPONSE to the anonymous scribe concerned about the proposed firework display in Burnfoot, I would like to take a moment to both reassure them and set out the thoughts and reasons for such an event.

Firstly, this wasn’t the community council’s idea, it was an idea bandied about on Facebook and I was asked if it was possible to organise.

I thought it had potential so I asked the council if I could look into it on the basis that the council would only be offering advice and expertise in running a large-scale public event.

Unfortunately we haven’t got money to burn as all funds are earmarked for our successful carnival each year.

Not a single farthing has been asked for or allocated to the display and this stance will not change, you have my word on that.

Secondly, I totally agree that the public sale of fireworks should be banned, not only for the sake of animals and 
the fact it goes on for three weeks like they said. But how many single parents or families on low incomes 
feel obliged or pressured into purchasing substandard squibs with money they can hardly afford to please the bairns, then stand at their 
back door and watch candles and rockets burn away for seconds and say after it “What a waste of money, but it’s for the kids”?

Now picture this, a large display organised by local residents, with all fund-raising done by the residents but supported by the council as we can help with lottery funding and have the contacts to help run it in a safe and organised manner.

It would cost a couple of quid to watch and there would also be a funfair, hot food and drinks.

If this event was organised how many families would not buy cheap squibs and instead have an enjoyable family night? The display would last 25 minutes and no public fireworks would be allowed.

If people aren’t buying fireworks from the shops maybe they might stop selling them or at least only sell them on Guy Fawkes Night but I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that.

Lastly, it’s good to see someone taking an interest in what the council is doing because after all it is here to work for you.

So once again if anyone feels this is a great opportunity for the scheme to showcase itself please get in touch and let’s make it happen by working as a community.


Secretary, Burnfoot Community Council