Fireworks display plan put on hold

PLANS for a fantastic fireworks display at Burnfoot have gone off like a damp squib.

The idea is the brainchild of Burnfoot Community Council secretary Ian Middlemass who bemoaned the lack of organised fireworks events in the town on Bonfire Night.

A meeting was arranged for Tuesday night in a hope to thrash out initial plans and generate interest.

However, only two councillors turned up.

And Mr Middlemass admitted the appetite for the attraction simply might not be there.

He told the Hawick News this week: “There were a lot of parents complaining that there was nothing in Hawick for fireworks and they were all saying they were willing to help out. But when it comes to holding a meeting, nobody turns up.”

Hawick used to boast a number of bonfires and fireworks displays which included events at Stirches, Mayfield, Teviotdale Leisure Centre, Laidlaw Terrace, Oliver Park and up the west end.

However, this year the closest bonfire to the town was at Denholm where fireworks were not permitted.

Mr Middlemass added: “I think it’s terrible that families have to travel out the town to enjoy a bonfire and even further if they want to see an organised fireworks display.

“I believe this would have been a great thing for Burnfoot and Hawick.”

Initial suggestions included having a burger van and entertainment as well as the fireworks display on the site of the former school.

A Facebook site has been set up and members of the public who are still interested in the plan can post on there.

However, Mr Middlemass warned: “If nobody bothers then it’s dead in the water.”