Fire brigade’s warning as candles cause blaze

A CREW commander from the fire station has warned of the dangers of candles after a blaze at the weekend left a Noble Place flat uninhabitable, writes Sarah Williamson.

The town’s Green Watch received an emergency call at around 2.30pm on Saturday with the report of a fire in a first-floor flat, and when both of the town’s appliances arrived at the scene they discovered an empty house filled with thick smoke – and a fire in the living room caused by unattended tea light candles.

Crew boss Ian Donald told the Hawick News: “The occupier of the flat had gone out and left tea lights burning on top of the television, but they weren’t in any holders. Those metal casings are not enough to act as a holder on their own, and the heat of the foil wrapping of the candles had radiated right through to the television and and set it alight.”

And although no-one was injured and the smoke had been detected by a working alarm within the property – which alerted a neighbour to place a call 999 call – Mr Donald says the incident acts as a stark reminder of the dangers of candles.

He urged: “This highlights the dangers of candles and the importance of people making sure that all candles are in proper holders, and that they are never left unattended.

“Thankfully, no-one was hurt in this fire and it was contained to just the television, but the property was very badly damaged and it is now unable to be lived in.”

The 25-year-old female occupier of the flat has since been rehoused.

Mr Donald has reminded the public that the fire brigade offers free fire safety checks and will also install free smoke alarms if equired. More information is available by telephoning 0800 169 0320.