Final pitch to voters: John Lamont (Conservative)

It is hard to believe that this General Election campaign is almost over. Over the last few weeks and months, I have knocked on thousands of doors across the Borders and spoken to many residents on the door steps, to hear what their priorities are.

All elections are important but there is much at stake this year. There are a number of reasons why I would ask you to consider voting for me. Firstly, I will always stand up for local services and local jobs. Hawick has come through some difficult times, but with the right support, I believe this town can flourish once again. Measures like tax cuts for those on low incomes, apprenticeships and a sound economic plan to help support traditional industries such as textiles are helping improve the local economy.

We also need to protect public services, reliable transport links, well-maintained roads, improved broadband and frontline NHS services like the community hospital, to ensure that young people stay in this town and it continues to grow.

I will always put constituents ahead of party politics and I will continue to be a strong local champion for the Borders, no matter what the issue, just like I have been for the past eight years.

All of the local opinion polls suggest that I am the only candidate who can beat the SNP here. With Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats in a distant third place, the choice in Hawick is between me and a party whose number one priority will be breaking up the United Kingdom. Please don’t risk another referendum by allowing the SNP in through the back door.