Final pitch to voters: Calum Kerr (SNP)

Next week, in the General Election, the voters of Hawick will make an important choice. The Westminster parties are offering a depressing agenda of more austerity, business closures and attacks on the vulnerable. Only the SNP is proposing hope, renewal and economic ambition.

We have an honest, transparent and costed programme which will bring real benefits to this fantastic part of Scotland.

Hawick and the rest of the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency needs the positive change only the SNP can provide.

We know it’s now a straight fight here between us and the Tories – a poll a few days ago confirmed that, and our doorstep canvassing shows the same thing.

The Lib Dems are finished. Their unholy alliance in government with the Conservatives has pushed them into third place here and their vote is still dropping.

We have to reverse years of neglect and create jobs, attract new investment, and restore fairness and dignity to the workplace. That’s what I’ll do.

Hawick is a fantastic place, with a huge community spirit and massive potential. I intend to ensure it gets the new start it needs.

If elected, I’ll be part of a team of SNP MPs at Westminster working to make Scotland’s voice heard like never before.

On May 7, every single vote in this constituency will count. It’s a clear choice between more austerity and neglect with the Tories, or a better future with the SNP.

Please vote for me. Then together, we can make this fantastic part of Scotland the very best it can be.