Figures reveal rise in crimes of dishonesty

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CRIMES of dishonesty in the town are at a considerably higher level, it was heard at a meeting of Hawick Community Council this week.

Community beat officer Keith Murray has revealed that due to recent burgularies, figures have soared to an unusual degree, stating: “Although stable, the number of crimes of dishonesty are higher than they have been in a while. This is due to a rise in slip-in thefts when people are in their houses or haven’t locked their doors, and we’ve had a couple of incidents of distraction thefts when people pretend they need to check phone lines or the water.”

It was heard that during the month of October a total of 98 crimes were recorded, of which 49 were detected. PC Murray also reported that vandalism remains a “big” problem in the town, and urged the public to help them stamp it out. “We would ask people to phone us at the time so we have a better chance of catching those responsible”, he added.

Townsfolk are also invited to take part in upcoming surgeries within the community contact vehicle, which starting next month will be parked in central positions to be publicised by the Hawick News.

PC Murray added: “The community contact vehicle allows people to come and speak to us and report minor problems.”