Fears over traffic warden review

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THE future of Hawick’s traffic warden service hangs in the balance as a major review is carried out.

And although Police Scotland has denied rumours that it could spell the end of a dedicated warden in Hawick, local officials have this week expressed their fears.

Hawick and Hermitage Councillor Davie Paterson has written to the chief superintendent to highlight his concerns, stating: “I am more than a little annoyed at hearing rumours that Police Scotland are even contemplating ending the services of the traffic warden in Hawick.”

And local Councillor Stuart Marshall has also heard on the grapevine that the Hawick warden faces the axe, but commented: “Reviews are okay if the outcome improves services. But if at the end of this review there were recommendations to withdraw the traffic warden service, then that would concern me greatly.”

The threat to the town’s sole traffic warden is due to the chief constable commissioning an examination of the service, along with a review of opening hours at police stations, in a bid to deal with what Police Scotland have described as “unprecedented financial challenges over the coming months and years”.

And although a spokesperson has assured the Hawick News that the Teri warden will not be on the dole, the implications for Hawick itself remain unclear.

“The outcome of the review won’t be known until it is completed,” they stated.

“But compulsory redundancies are not being carried out as part of this, therefore the warden in Hawick won’t be losing his job.”

Alluding to the ramifications for the town if the rumours are true, Councillor Paterson (pictured) asserted: “At the moment some people take a chance and park illegally causing disruption for many people, and I can only see this problem getting worse if Police Scotland are thinking of terminating the services of the traffic warden.”

Councillor Stuart Marshall added: “Our traffic warden does a great job and has, over the years, earned the respect of the townsfolk for the way he executes his duties in a fair
and professional manner, so I for one would be very disappointed if he were to lose his

Councillor Paterson stated: “I would dearly like to know if the rumours are true.”