Exiles return from near and far

EXILES came home from every corner of the world.

There were folk from Australia, New Zealand, America, Hong Kong and Christchurch in Dorset.

They had come from many different parts but they shared the same common cause and that was to celebrate this year’s Common-Riding.

Many had not been back in the grey auld toon for a long time. Some of their accents had changed, but their love of Hawick and its Common-Riding hadn’t diminished in any way, shape or form.

This was clear to see at the Reception for Exiled Teries last Wednesday, on the night before the big celebrations.

And under the chairmanship of compere Oliver Angus it was another wonderful affair.

Provost Ron Smith started matters off by welcoming the exiles and covering a lot of ground on their thoughts and memories of the town they once left, before talking of the present-day Hawick.

On the latter subject the provost said that although the town may not be without its problems, a lot of good things were happening.

New shops had opened and matters were going well in the knitwear industry.

The provost also spoke with great enthusiasm about the tremendous work being done by the Vision 2014 committee.

After concluding his address, the Provost introduced the Big Eight before handing the microphone over to Mr Angus who announced the entertainers throughout the night.

The Saxhorn Band gave a hint of what was to be a star-studded bill by opening the programme with a delightful medley of Hawick tunes.

With Ann Witherington as pianist the first half of the show saw performances from Douglas Telfer, Evelyn Armstrong, Debbie Lyons and Dave Finnie, Michael Aitken, Alan Brydon, Joyce Tinlin, Bernie Armstrong, In Landles and a combination of Michael, Alan, Bernie and Iain Scott.

And the second half fitted into the same mould with Iain Scott, Lois Niblo, Robert Scott, Douglas Telfer, Debbie Lyons, Ian Landles, Keith ‘Chugger’ Brown, Joyce Tinlin and Michael Aitken all starring in a top class manner.

Following a top class vote of thanks from Councillor Stuart Marshall that matched the tone of the reception, the night was brought to an end with Teribus from the Big Four.

Full report and more pictures in the paper.