Exiles hail townsfolk’s ‘warmth and kindness’

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HAVING just returned to Hawick for the Common-Riding after 19 years, I can honestly say that my family and I will be returning more often to the grey auld toon.

Whilst much has changed since we were last home, there’s one thing that hasn’t, and that is the warmth and kindness expressed by the townsfolk.

Up the Moor on Friday was a brilliant experience and it was great to meet up with so many old faces. Thank you to Cornet Ritson and his Acting Father for stopping and asking us if we were all enjoying ourselves and for having a picture taken.

Well done and thank you to the new provost for sharing a few moments with us and for giving my young daughter his ribbons from his jacket. What a kind gesture.

To the Turnbulls, thanks for accommodating us at short notice, you’ve been great hosts.

We leave Hawick to return to Exeter safe in the knowledge that we will be back soon.

G. Wallace