Exhibition celebrating 75 years through the lens

Camera club president John Hill and Hawick News reporter John Slorance
Camera club president John Hill and Hawick News reporter John Slorance

HAWICK Camera Club’s wonderful exhibition, entitled 75 Years Through The Lens, began this week and it is well worth a look, or perhaps even two, as there is such a lot to take in on what is a fascinating journey through time, writes John Slorance.

Apart from presenting an array of photographs of all varieties, the exhibition shows the many changes that have developed during three-quarters-of-a-century. Changes of technique, changes of style, and changes of technology; It’s all there to take in.

The only matter that has not changed, though, is that the photographs are all of the same high calibre, from those pioneering days when the club started in 1937, to the present.

Not in their wildest dreams would the early members visualise how these branches would blossom to full bloom in the passage of time, and bear the fruits into what is now a digital world.

A great deal of thought and hard work has been put into presenting this very special 75th anniversary show, and the opening steps on a photographic walk takes you to the works of such men as David Hill and Jack Strathdee in the 30s.

From here on you stride into the 50s, march into the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, before galloping into the millennium years.

There are photographs from the camera of a host of camera club members with names like Brian Bonsor, Bill Nelson, Petal Haines, Bill O’Neil, Brian Paterson, Neil Corbett, Sandy McVittie, Gordon Gilfether and Bert Lancaster being just a few you could mention.

From black and white to blazes of colour, every picture has its own identity. There are some great local scenes from the past, as well as from current times. Pictures of one-time local children who have now grown into adults.

Pictures of well-known Hawick characters and personalities of a time long gone, as well as those of nowadays.

Stunning landscapes of hear abouts as well as places from afar. Indeed, you name it and the exhibition has it. And a little more besides.

A special feature of the show is a display of the works of former Camera Club members Derek Lunn, Pat Rafferty and Ian Rutherford, who cut their teeth with the club before graduating into professional careers.

Yet another attraction is the digital work of Camera Club members which is projected on a 40-inch television screen, which turns into a kaleidoscope of colour, through some tremendous photographs which are just first class.

In conjunction with this are sequences from the hilarious ‘Talk Teri’ DVD, which was put together by the Camera Club. The exhibition has without doubt a touch of everything.

Camera Club president John Hill told the Hawick News: “The exhibition is trying to emphasise the great works and achievements of Hawick Camera Club members over the years, and hopefully we have been able to do this.”

The exhibition runs until April 7. Opening times are Monday-Friday 12-3 and Sunday 1-3.