Ex-railwayman on right track with postal display

STAMP CLUB: Making a return visit was Albert Megginson from Harrogate. He is actually a member of the society, exhibiting to fellow philatelists each time he is in Hawick staying with friends.

Being an ex-railwayman, his chosen collcting interest is TPOs – travelling post offices and having travelled extensively in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, those countries were the basis of his postal history displays.

Covers showed the franking ‘FRA’ indicating the mail had been posted on ships or at railway stations. They included cancellations in use from the late 1800s through to modern times, and comprised emergency marks and station postmarks applied by the guard when postal staff was not on hand.

Given the subject, covers included mail Iceland to Denmark, Sweden to Denmark, Germany to Denmark and Denmark to Faroes Islands.

More covers showed internationally used ‘Paquebot’ cancels, this being applied to items posted on board ship to be posted at the next port of call.

Included were covers with Danish Christmas charity seals applied. It was Denmark that first introduced these in 1903 for use on festive season mail.