Ex-husband is told to stay away after weekend incident

Selkirk Sheriff Court
Selkirk Sheriff Court
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A woman was visibly upset after being followed by her ex-husband.

Roy Murphy was said not to have handled the break-up of his nine-year marriage and was described as “obsessive.”

The 50-year-old first offender, of Ancrum Court, appeared from custody and admitted following his ex-wife in Princes Street, and on the A7 between Wilton Hill and Galalaw roundabout, on June 1, blocking her path, and trying to sieze hold of her.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said Murphy’s wife left him on January 21, after nine years of marriage, “concerned about his controlling behaviour”.

He said Mrs Murphy had walked from her home to collect her car, when she became aware of her ex-husband walking towards her.

“She was alarmed and took a shortcut up an alleyway,” said Mr Fraser. Her car wasn’t ready for collection at the garage, so she continued to walk towards Homebase.

As she walked along the side of the A7, Murphy appeared beside her in a vehicle and continued to drive alongside her.

“She said she didn’t want anything to do with him and told him to leave her alone,” added Mr Fraser.

Murphy got out of the vehicle and blocked her path, trying to take hold of her arm. “She was greatly alarmed, although he said he was not going to hurt her,” added Mr Fraser.

A couple nearby asked if she was okay, and noted she was visibly upset. “By the time she got to Homebase car park, he was already there and again walked towards her,” continued Mr Fraser.

When she said she was going to phone the police, Murphy drove off.

As she began walking back towards Hawick, one of the accused’s work colleagues noted Murphy looked “agitated” and then saw his ex-wife.

“Knowing there were issues, he stopped his vehicle,” said Mr Fraser. “He noted she seemed highly alarmed and offered her a lift home.”

Sheriff Kevin Drummond told Murphy, a refuse collector: “You don’t seem to take no for an answer very easily.” He deferred sentence for two months, until August 5, releasing Murphy on bail with a condition not to enter Ramsay Road or to contact his former wife.