Ex-Cornet McLeod calls for showers at racecourse buildings

Ex-Cornet Greg McLeod plans to install showering facilities at the Moor to be used by jockeys after flapping meetings.

Mr McLeod was given the go ahead to explore the plan further with property officials at Tuesday’s Common Good Fund meeting in the town hall.

A letter to trustees was read out at the meeting and Mr McLeod has stated that he is seeking no financial help from the Common Good.

He is confident that local tradesmen and companies will provide materials and labour and that the facility will be an asset to the jockeys.

The move was prompted after Mr McLeod witnessed a jockey having to wash from a water barrel in the winners’ enclosure.

His letter stated: “These lads give up their time for a wee bit cash but I personally think it is about time there was some sort of shower facility adjacent to their changing room, supplied by the people who run the racing.”

He added: “Having spoken to most of the current crop of jockeys about the possibility
of installing a shower, this would be very much appreciated.”