Ex-Cornet fined for lashing out in jealous rage

Ex-Cornet Bruce Richardson
Ex-Cornet Bruce Richardson

A JEALOUS man who snapped when he saw a man leave his former partner’s home in the early hours of the morning has been fined a total of £520 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Bruce Richardson – who was the Millennium Cornet – admitted punching the man on the head in the stairwell of a block of flats.

When his ex-partner tried to intervene and come between the two men she ended up being pushed against a wall.

The 35-year-old tractor driver pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and another two charges of acting in a threatening manner following the altercation on February 7.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley said Richardson had been in a relationship with his former partner for between six to eight months but it had ended around the New Year period but he continued to visit her and attempt to contact her.

She said: “At around 7am on February 7 he had come to the door and tried to give her a waterproof jacket but the offer was refused. He also asked her for a cuddle and this was also refused.

“She was in the house with her friend and they waited for 20 minutes to make sure that he was away.

“As they made their way down the stairwell they heard footsteps and the accused appeared and when he saw the man he started shouting at her, calling her a slag and a whore.

“He then assaulted the man by punching him and when she tried to come between them he pushed her against a wall.”

The fiscal said that in the car park outside the flat in Drumlanrig Square, Richardson continued to shout obscenities, telling the man “he knew where he lived” and “he would find him”.

The court was told the woman then headed to the stables at Cavers to tend to her horse but did not believe Richardson was there as he would be going to his work.

When she arrived she noticed the van but thought she would be safe as other people would be present.

Ms Bradley said: “He came towards her and was aggressive.

“He was shouting and swearing and she asked him to stop as he was scaring her and the horses.

“She told she would let the police know and he ran towards her with clenched fists. He did not move to strike her but thought he might. He then laughed and walked off.”

A not-guilty plea to a fifth charge of brandishing a brush and a pitchfork at the stables was accepted by the Crown.

Police were notified and the male victim had no injury but the woman complained of soreness to her right hip after being pushed against the wall but did not require medical attention.

Defence lawyer Alison Marshall said her client had been in a relationship with the woman for eight months and although it had been going through difficulties he believed they were still together.

She pointed out that he had spent the previous day with her and her children.

Ms Marshall said Richardson, of Renwick Terrace, had received a text message asking to borrow waterproofs for her work.

She continued: “When he met them on the stairway he reacted badly, he was upset and angry. He was upset that another male was leaving his partner’s house early in the morning.”

Ms Marshall said Richardson was now in a relationship with a new partner and apologised to the court on his behalf.

Sheriff Janys Scott said the court took a “serious view” on the matter but accepted that there was an element of provocation.

She fined him £200 on each of the two assaults and £60 each on the two charges of threatening behaviour.