Every Cornet immortalised on Callants Club’s unique board

Hawick Callants Club has commissioned a unique oak board bearing the name of every Hawick Cornet since records began, as its way of marking the quincentnary of the battle of Hornshole.

And the special plaque, which will hang in the vennel outside the Textiles Towerhouse, will be revealed tomorrow (Saturday) at 1pm.

Callants Club president Derick Tait, who will unveil the board with Cornet Gibson before the horses leave for Roberton, said: “When the 2014 initiative was first mooted, the various clubs were asked to put forward ideas. The Callants Club Council met and it was the brainchild of ex-president Ronnie Nichol to erect a board depicting the names of Cornets since records began in 1703.

He added: “It was felt the best location would be the vennel which the Cornet and his supporters set out from on the Friday of the Common-Riding. It will perhaps add to the occasion.”

Cornets books provided a reference for names and dates, and new names will be added each year by the club. The oak was donated by member Sandy Laing, while ljoiner Alec Cuthbertson made the board, with lettering by Ray Nichol and Colin Wilson.

Mr Tait added: “The finished article is a joy to behold.”