Euro notes were ‘obviously fake’

Post Office staff were immediately suspicious when a man tried to pass what looked like money from a game as genuine.

Twenty-eight-year-old Martin Price, of Allars Bank, admitted uttering two counterfeit Euro notes and trying to exchange them for pound sterling at the Post Office, Sandbed, on August 13.

His “ill-conceived and unsuccessful scheme” saw Price sentenced to a Community Payback Order of 108 hours.

“They were obviously fake notes,” said depute fiscal Keith O’Mahony.

Defence solicitor Iain Burke told Jedburgh Sheriff Court his client had been given the notes and went to the Post Office to try to cash them.

“It was an ill-conceived scheme and he was ultimately unsuccessful in doing so,” explained Mr Burke.

Sheriff Donald Corke told Price: “You pled guilty to uttering as genuine, two 500 Euro notes and were trying to get genuine money for false money.

“I take account of the fact this was not a sophisticated operation.

“The notes appear to have come from some sort of game and the mention of ‘Souvenir Productions’ on them was a bit of a clue,” he added.

Price has six months in which to complete the unpaid work.