Error on bandstand plaque

The erroneous bandstand plaque
The erroneous bandstand plaque

The company behind the new £150,000 park bandstand will replace the recently-unveiled plaque which wrongly refers to the late Zandra Elliot as Honorary Lord Provost.

The embarrasing mistake was noted by several Hawick News readers and this week Scottish Borders Council said the error would be put right at no cost to the Wilton Lodge Park project.

Around 600 people attended the opening ceremony two weeks ago. Hawick’s current honorary provost, Stuart Marshall, said: “I reported this error to the council several weeks before the opening ceremony but it wasn’t corrected.

“I do think Zandra would have a chuckle at being referred to as a lord.”

The plaque also gives no indication on the years in which Mrs Elliot served her three terms as Honorary Provost and one resident who attended the opening ceremony said: “The bandstand is lovely but it’s a shame that the plaque is wrong and that it contains no dates relating to Zandra’s terms as provost.”

A short statement from Scottish Borders Council said: “The conservation architects incorrectly included ‘Lord’ on the plaque but have accepted responsibility. As a result, the plaque is now being replaced, at no additional cost to the Wilton Lodge Park regeneration project.”