Enrolment for autumn session of ‘night clesses’

Ian Landles
Ian Landles

TERIES are being invited on a trip around Hawick in the latest instalment of Ian Landles’ ‘night clesses’.

It is 33 years since the first ‘cless’ was instructed by the popular local historian and a third of a century on, they are still going strong and proving as popular as 

Ian said: “It’s become a bit of an institution. We regularly get 40 or 50 people.

“It’s in my own style, it wanders all over the place and doesn’t stick to what it’s supposed to half the time, I can’t help myself.”

Among the many areas covered in the autumn programme are: ‘Oot be Wultin Hill ti Burnfit’, ‘Back roond be Stirches and oot be the fowre road ends ti Ashkirk’, ‘Auld Wulton west o’ the hunder stairs’ and ‘Roond aboot the Haugh and doon the dam’.

Ian added: “For the people who have been in the class before and want to come back, it’s changed out of all recognition.

“It’s also great for folk who want to learn about Hawick and what makes us tick. It would appeal to new teachers or people who have moved to the town.”

The ‘night clesses’ run every Monday night in the high school lecture hall from 7pm to 

The cost is £25 for the ten -week session and is payable on the first night, which is this coming Monday.