Elliot’s call for increased police presence on High Street beat

Councillor Zandra Elliot
Councillor Zandra Elliot

COUNCILLOR Zandra Elliot has appealed for more “bobbies on the beat” at weekends in a bid to prevent shop windows being smashed.

The Hawick & Denholm member aimed her request at police inspector Paula Clark during a Teviot and Liddesdale Area Committee meeting.

Councillor Elliot stated: “All these broken windows are affecting people just trying to make an honest living. Could we not have bobbies patrolling the High Street at weekends rather than being in a car, so it is more visual?”

Inspector Clark said that where she could she would have officers on the beat, but they had to respond to a variety of locations and were “more effective in police vehicles”.

And in relation to catching the culprits, she added: “A lot of broken windows are not reported at the time, so it is very difficult to sort it out.”