Eight months for teenager who dealt violent blow

A teenager who punched another man, leaving him with a fractured eye socket and two breaks to his cheekbone, was jailed for eight months.

Nineteen-year-old Jarrid Neil, of Ruberslaw Road, denied an assault to severe injury in Ruberslaw Road on March 4 last year, but was found guilty after trial by jury. He had left his home to confront the man over allegations of inappropriate texts, before swinging a violent blow which left him severely injured.

Defence solicitor Iain Burke said his client had not engaged in a “sustained or prolonged attack” and had no previous convictions for violence.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond told Neil: “The explanation offered for this assault was one rejected by the jury. It was a deliberate confrontation where you left your house and faced up to a young man in the street.

“There was an invitation put to him, from which the inference could be drawn that it was an invitation to become involved in a fight. He declined, and there was no violence or threat made against you.

“You then swung a blow with such violence that the victim sustained a fractured eye socket and two fractures to his cheekbone.

“Your solicitor is quite right that this was not a sustained attack, and you have no analogous convictions, but I do not agree that this is not an appropriate case for custody,” he concluded.