Egg-stra special feathery friends pop in to Drumlanrig

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Drumlanrig Nursery youngsters had some unusual visitors recently in the shape of some fluffy ducklings and feathery chicks.

Jacqui Purvis, whose three-year-old daughter Cameron attends the school, loaned the nursery one of her incubators which was crammed with duck and chicken eggs and over the space of a few days the youngsters watched the birds hatch and start feeding.

The end result was half a dozen quacking Khaki Campbell ducklings and six cheeping Light Sussex chickens.

And speaking this week, Nursery Nurse Jan Sharkey said: “This has been great fun and the children loved having the eggs here and watching them hatch. They have really enjoyed it and so have the parents who found it all fascinating.

“The ducklings and chicks were just gorgeous and we can hopefully do the same next year. It was great having them here, watching them hatch from the eggs and then feeding for themselves.”