Dumping of tyres sparks call to report fly-tippers

Councillor Stuart Marshall is urging members of the public to report those responsible for dumping hundreds of tyres into the Rule Water.

Speaking this week, Mr Marshall said: “I’ve met with council officials on site to see if we can erect a barrier at the layby at the top of the road [near Easter Weens] to prevent any vehicles from further dumping.

“I’ve also asked that the police meet with me on site to see how they can assist as I’m pretty sure someone will have knowledge as to who is responsible.

“This isn’t a random tyre being dumped over a banking, it’s much more organised than that and the farmer just keeps on stacking them up as they accumulate in the burn below. These tyres haven’t appeared overnight and to be honest the landowner has simply had enough of it. And he’s asked me on his behalf to see what can be done to stop this fly tipping.”

Scottish Borders Council says it won’t provide a fence at this passing place and the onus is on the landowner to secure their property.

But Councillor Marshall isn’t impressed and is calling for SBC to get tough with the dumpers: “I’m not happy with this approach given the fact that whoever is fly-tipping is actually accessing the area through a council-adopted layby and surely we, as a council, can intervene and try and prevent further issues occurring where possible.

“The council is also asking the public to call the Dumb Dumper hotline on 08452 30 40 90 and highlights that this type of crime carries a maximum fine of £40,000 or six months in prison.

“But how often do you hear of any prosecutions? It really is time that we, as a local authority, got much tougher on how we approach this issue.”