Drunk learner driver wrote off mum’s car ‘practicing’

The Sandbed area where David Jeffrey crashed his mum's car
The Sandbed area where David Jeffrey crashed his mum's car

A DRUNKEN learner driver wrote off his mother’s car during an early morning “practice” drive.

Twenty-year-old David Jeffrey crashed through railings and into a wall after careering over the Sandbed roundabout at around 3am on Sunday morning.

The car, which had been taken without his mother’s permission, caught on fire and Jeffrey fled from the scene.

The apprentice mill worker was later arrested at his home in Union Street.

Jeffrey appeared from custody at Selkirk Sheriff Court and admitted driving dangerously, taking the vehicle without the owner’s consent, driving without
insurance, and failing to stop
 and give his details after an

He also admitted driving the car with a breath/alcohol reading of 48 mcgs – the legal limit being 35.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley said witnesses estimated Jeffrey was travelling through Hawick town centre at about 50mph.

Jeffrey was in his bed at 4.25am when police arrived at his home to advise his mother her vehicle had been in an accident.

He told officers: “It was sheer stupidity.”

Solicitor Iain Burke, defending, added: “That encapsulated the whole incident.

“He said he wanted to take the car for a practice as he is a learner and was about to take his theory test.

“But he took out a fence and hit the wall,” explained Mr Burke.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond fined Jeffrey a total of £1,065 and disqualified him from driving for 18 months.

He also ordered that the accused sit an extended driving test.

Sheriff Drummond warned Jeffrey: “You not only put yourself at risk but the general public as well.”