Drug addict thief ‘clears the decks’

A woman who decided to clear her slate and confess further crimes, was jailed for two months.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard how 21-year-old Claire Condie, who is currently serving a two-year jail term for assault and robbery, provided police with information regarding her involvement in other offences.

Condie, of Atkinson Road, admitted an attempted break-in on November 14/15 last year.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley told how a woman in Fenwick Park, woke at 5.45am on November 14 when she heard her garage door being opened.

“She lost sight of the person outside who was running away, but contacted police,” explained Miss Bradley.

“The door had been opened, but nothing was taken,” she added.

On November 15, a man returned at 8.30pm to find the front door of his house in Mansfield Crescent had been forced.

“Nothing had been taken, and he repaired the door himself, and reported the incident to police,” added Miss Bradley.

“Last December, the accused was taken into custody for assault and robbery and in an effort to clear her slate, she gave information to police about other incidents she’d been involved in,” explained Miss Bradley.

“These included these two offences, and she provided special knowledge and admissions,” she concluded.

Defence solicitor Ross Dow said his client had been a heroin addict and “was in a desperate way” at the time of the offences.

“She is currently serving a two-year sentence for assault and robbery,” he explained, “and she has detoxed while in prison, and decided to make full admissions.”

Sheriff Corke told Condie, who is due for release on December 23: “You have pled guilty to clear the decks and the sentence I have imposed will not interfere with your current release date.”