Drink-driver was more than twice the limit

Suspicious of a vehicle travelling ahead in the early hours of the morning, police stopped the car, and the driver was found to be over twice the alcohol limit

Rupeni Ragia, 37, of Gladstone Street, admitted driving a car on the A7 between Middleton and Galahsiels, on July 22,
with a breath/alcohol reading of 74 mcgs – the legal limit being 35.

“Police noted the vehicle travelling ahead of them at 3.50am on a Sunday morning was being driven in an unsteady manner,” explained depute fiscal Tessa Bradley, “and was frequently veering over the carriageway.

“It was pulled into a layby and they found the driver unsteady on his feet and smelling strongly of alcohol.”

Defence solicitor Ed Hulme told Selkirk Sheriff Court his client, who has an analogous conviction, recognized he had an alcohol problem, which he was keen to address.

Ragia was placed on a 12-month Community Payback Order, with a condition he completes 80 hours of unpaid work and attends an alcohol programme.

He was also banned from driving for four years.