Drink-drive ban for husband who felt wife’s wrath

A MOTORIST suspected of drinking and driving was driven to a police station by his furious wife and found to be over the alochol limit.

Robert Blake was challenged by his wife Patricia over his drinking that morning after taking the car into town to do his messages.

She then decided to find out the truth by taking her 52-year-old husband to the police station and demand that he took a breathalyser test.

Blake was found to have a breath/alochol reading of 54 microgrammes – the legal limit being 35 microgrammes.

His wife’s actions were praised at Jedburgh Sheriff Court where he was banned from the road for one year and fined £120.

Defence lawyer Rory Bannerman said: “His wife did the right thing.

“He was taken to the police station by her where he failed the breath test.

“In the cold and sober light of day he commends his wife’s conduct.”

Mr Bannerman said his client had been drinking spirits that morning after losing his driving job because of health problems and had been “drinking to forget”.

He added: “He clearly should not have got into the car.”

Blake admitted a charge of drink-driving in Bourtree Place on November 12.

Keith O’Mahony, pro-secuting, explained that Blake had taken the car into Hawick from their remote cottage home at Peta Cottages, Appletreehall.

He said: “He had returned but at 1.30pm they went back into town where they stopped for something to eat.

“He was challenged by his wife in relation to the smell of alcohol from him.

“In particular she challenged him about drinking that morning.

“The wife then drove him to the police station”

After failing the breath test and cuationed and charged by officers, Blake replied: “There is no point in fighting the system.”

Sheriff Donald Corke said: “This particular offence came to light in an unusual way.

“It does leave me with a problem in setting the level of fine.

“I don’t want to take too much out of the household income and damage the very person who reported you.”

As a result, Sheriff Corke restricted the fine to £120 as well as imposing the minimum 12-month driving ban.

Blake, who survives on sick pay and two war pensions, was ordered to pay the fine at a rate of £80 per month.