Double parking selfish and dangerous

AS A concerned parent who is aware of the inclement weather, and the most shocking hardship of getting out of my nice, cosy car to ensure the safety of my child whilst escorting them to the playground ready for a hard day’s study, I find it absolutely bizarre and completely selfish with no respect for other children going to school, parents double parking outside Trinity Primary School each and every time it appears to be the slightest bit inclement.

It continuously alarms me that parents are trying to drop their children off safely but at the same time they are putting the safety of other schoolchildren at risk.

Double parking is dangerous and gets kids killed. Maybe they just need reminding or publicly named and shamed!

I am now of the opinion that the Parents Council could stand outside the school giving out leaflets to the offenders to make them aware that it is only a matter of time before someone’s child gets hurt.

Surely as parents or carers, they want what is best for all children, not just their own.

As a parent I do not wish to see my daughter have the upset of possibly seeing one of her school friends injured or killed.

Please do not double park and think of the safety of others and please be a courteous road user.

These selfish actions are inexcusable in this educated era. Prevention is better than cure.




(Name withheld)