Distress for Ameera as she fears for family

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STIRCHES woman Ameera Gemberlu admitted this week she is watching the news “24/7” desperately trying to find out if her family in Libya is safe.

The 21-year-old fled the war-torn country last month as tensions escalated between rebels and Colonel Gaddafi’s forces.

But since her uncle took her on that mercy mission from Janzour, ten miles to Tripoli airport, she hasn’t heard from any of her family.

And as violence intensifies with increased daily Coalition air strikes, she admitted to fearing the worst.

Thousands of Libyans are believed to have been killed since uprisings began against the dictator who has ruled the country with an iron grip for 41 years.

Ameera told the Hawick News: “I don’t know how my family are doing over there, still the phone lines and internet are both off.

“I tried phoning my friends the other day but the same man answered all three phone lines. It is very worrying. It is a huge concern knowing that even the phone lines have been tapped.

“I just keep thinking the worst, but I shouldn’t.

“I have been away from it all a couple of weeks now, but I have to be involved as my family are still there. I don’t help myself watching the news 24/7.”

Ameera, who is currently looking for employment locally, had been living with her uncle for the past 18 months, working as an English teacher at the government-run Petroleum Training Institute in the country’s capital.

A defiant Colonel Gaddafi appeared on Libyan television on Tuesday insisting his forces would be ‘victorious in the end’.

And some fear the conflict could last for some time to come.

But Ameera is hopeful it will be over soon so she can return to family and friends.

She added: “Of course I would go back, but not while everything is happening.

“Libya will always be my second home, my family and friends are all amazing and loving. It’s just a matter of time.

“I hope this is all over very soon. I wish it didn’t begin in the first place, but everyone needs freedom.”