Dismay over vandal who ripped off car’s aerial

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I hope that the person who snapped the aerial off of my car on Saturday night felt very proud of themselves when they woke up the following morning. I have not had this car two months and was dismayed when I went outside on Sunday lunchtime to find this act of vandalism. I would like to say that this has been an isolated incident but my neighbour had his car scratched earlier in the week.

No doubt the person responsible will not have the mental capacity to be able to read this and understand how disappointed I am with this happening to my vehicle.


THE warning of a skills shortage in the knitwear industry should not come as a surprise.

For any lassie leaving school without outstanding qualifications there is a choice to either join a mill, which involves early rising, hard work and the fact that from your wage you will have to pay for housing, council tax etc or take the alternative route of starting a family, which entitles you to free housing and council tax, plus loads of lovely benefits.

When you compare the choices it’s hardly surprising there’s a skills shortage and unless reality returns it will get a lot worse.


HAWICK Community Council, with the agreement of his family, are going to have erected a statue of Bill McLaren in Wilton Lodge Park.

The bronze statue is said to cost £15,000 and contributions are being sought so that the Voice of Rugby can be immortalised in Hawick.

We will all know one of Bill’s favourite sweets was a Hawick Ball. I remember a few years ago he gave one to each and every Scottish international player before they ran out onto the pitch. Since Bill was, and still is, one of the main advertisers for Hawick Balls, the manufacturers of the sweeties should be approached for a hefty donation towards his £15,000 memorial statue.


ON behalf of Hawick YM could I say a huge thank you to everyone who made our trip to Murrayfield on Saturday possible.

Firstly all the players for their tremendous effort on the pitch – you did us all proud. To all the fans at Murrayfield, you were all great. And to the committee and club members (too many to mention) who pulled out all the stops in the short time we had to get organised. A great day was had by everyone, despite not getting the result we wanted. Thank you all.

Once a red, always a red.

B. SMAIL, YM secretary

Through your columns, may I thank all the schools, namely Trinity, Drumlanrig, St Margaret’s, Wilton and Stirches, for their responses regarding the threatened closure of the leisure centre. In total, I received 73 letters and around 250 signatures.


Denholm Playgroup wishes to thank everyone who helped and came along to support the annual quiz/auction of promises evening, at which £583.89 was raised.