Devil dog danger

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The council’s dog warden has received seven calls so far this week regarding dangerous and loose dogs in Burnfoot.

And local councillor Stuart Marshall fears someone may end up being killed or maimed by the growing number of bull mastiff type dogs, often referred to as devil dogs, roaming the estate.

The Hawick News first reported the problem in December last year, and one youngster had a lucky escape earlier this week when he was bitten by a dog in the garden of a house in Scott Crescent.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week,local hairdresser Pearl Dalgleish said: “My grandson Tyler was bitten by a dog on Monday. He had a very lucky escape and the next child might not be as lucky. The garden fence blew down in November and SBHA have made weekly promises to sort it but they haven’t done it. It needs sorted but they don’t seem interested.”

Mr Marshall said: “There have been seven referrals to the council’s environmental department this week regarding loose and dangerous dogs. This is of grave concern to me. It is quite alarming to think that this issue is on the rise once more. I am continuing to work with council officials from the dangerous dog unit in the hope that we can have this issue dealt with as soon as possible but seven calls so far this week is totally ridiculous.”

And Mr Marshall added: “I know of two serious incidents in my ward in as many months. This situation is clearly unacceptable and with the evenings getting longer and the kids playing outside, my main concern is that if this trend continues then someone may be seriously injured or worse.”

A spokesman from SBHA said: “We are very sorry to hear about this incident and will be talking to the family involved as part of our investigations. The contractor has been appointed and has been agreeing the fence specification on-site, with works commencing shortly.”