Developer: Aldi bid ‘still live’

A local property developer’s plans to bring an Aldi supermarket to town have been hit by several problems, but according to Gavin Stevenson, the main issues around the clock tower can be overcome.

In a press statement released by Wilton Mills, in a bid to clear up speculation, he said: “Historic Scotland are requesting an eleventh-hour attempt to identify a potential purchaser that has any realistic proposal to save the structure.”

And a clearly frustrated Mr Stevenson added: “We accept that the clock tower building must be advertised as part of the planning process. Historic Scotland have confirmed that there is no public money available to save the clock tower. The fact remains that the building continues to prove a real danger to the public and we hope this process will result in a demolition consent without further undue delay. Meanwhile, I can confirm the planning application for the Aldi store is still live and being considered by Scottish Borders Council.”

“We have done a great deal of work on our proposals forward for a £5million investment with 30 new jobs in prospect for Hawick. We accept this process may delay our plans for a few months but Wilton Mills and Aldi remain 100 per cent committed to Hawick.”

The bid to demolish the clock will be heard in September.