Determined Diane impresses with high level training

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DIANE Smith has so far managed to shed an amazing 7lbs in this year’s Biggest Loser competition.

She’s shown that age, at 54 she’s the oldest of the bunch, is no barrier when it comes to rising to the challenge.

And Diane is determined to reach her target weight and dress size of 14, transforming her life in the process.

Speaking this week, Diane, who in the past played hockey for Hawick Ladies and little more than 12 years ago weighed only 9.5st, said: “I’ve seen myself getting stiffer and way too immobile for someone my age. I had a shopping trip with some friends to Gretna village a couple of years ago and it was really brought home to me then that I was unfit, overweight and just uninterested in life in general. I was trying on clothes that just didn’t fit and I was ‘bursting out all over’!

“Needless to say nothing was purchased and it’s taken me two years to realise that something had to be done and now it has, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this great team.”

Diane has found the healthy eating regime tougher than the gym sessions, but is going all out to reach her target dress size and a weight of somewhere between 10.5 and 11 stones.

Commenting on the support given to each of the contestants, Diane said: “Thank you Think Fitness and Anne at Scottish Slimmers (who’s keeping us in the right mindset for healthy eating) We are all so enthusiastic about the programme and, at the end of the day, it’s not so much about who’s lost the most weight, it’s about 10 folk getting fit, eating healthy and having fun.”

But gym co-owner Stuart Oliver says Diane’s gym workouts are impressive, adding: “Diane is sticking to her programme rigidly and training for a good while, sometimes for 80 minutes, and at a high level when she is in. She is really putting the work in .”