Destination Florida for Loser Callum’s weight-loss journey

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Since Biggest Loser 2014 kicked off, 23-year-old Callum Short has grasped the opportunity with both hands, taken control of his long-standing weight issues,and faced up to the fact that his destiny is in his own hands.

And speaking to the Hawick News this week, Callum, inset, who has shed 2st 3lbs so far and is aiming to lose a total of six stones, said: “I work part-time at Reload, a paintballing venture in Bonchester. We were unloading the van one day and after two trips I had to sit down and was basically that unfit I was ill.

“I decided then that I had to do this. I would hate to be lying in a hospital bed in the future and think I had been given this opportunity and not taken it.”

Callum, who also works in Sainsbury’s, said his biggest weakness is crisps and especially onion rings. He’d pick a packet up every night after work and along with other junk food, would just pig out watching the television.

“I’m really excited about the future and although at work I am surrounded by food I am coping well. I love cooking so that makes it much easier. I cook in bulk, freeze it, and I take a meal out in the morning to defrost. That way it is always there at night so that lessens the chance of me making bad choices.”

Commenting on Callum’s progress, Think Fitness co-owner Greg Dalgliesh said: “Callum is really motivated and in spite of working shifts he has organised things well. His results speak for themselves and he is full of enthusiasm and is eating both healthily and at the right times.”

Callum is also being spurred on by his mum Jane who has promised him tickets to visit friends in Florida if he does shed his target six stones.

Callum added: “I have family friends in Florida and I haven’t seen them since 2001 and although we keep in touch it would be great to see them again.”