Despite divisions, God still loves us all

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The Scottish Episcopal Church, or the English Church as many like to call it, can trace its history, along with many other churches, to St Columba, St Ninian and the other Celtic saints.

The church is part of the Anglican community and uses the Anglican liturgy. It recognises the Archbishop of Canterbury but the Archbishop has no jurisdiction in Scotland as the church has its own Primus.

‘Church’ was Catholic and it had broken away from Rome. The church in Scotland rejected government by bishops, adopted a presbyterian government by elders and the Church of Scotland was born.

The king of the day made repeated attempts to bring back the bishops without success and the Scottish Episcopal Church came into being – and all this around the year 1582.

These are just two ways of doing church and we will most of us know that there are many more divisions or denominations in the Christian church. Why?

We are human, that’s why. And as humans each one of has, and is, entitled to our own likes, dislikes and opinions.

We group together with people whose ideas are similar to our own and divisions or denominations are born.

So, as we stay in our comfort zone – be that a church denomination or no church at all – maybe we can give thought to the fact that God sees past our cosy groups and sees us for what we are, warts, carbuncles and all, and in spite of everything He still loves us.