Denholm war on fouling, but no new street name

Denholm Community Council has been given the chance to nominate people for a “golden ticket” to travel on one of the first trains from Tweedbank to Edinburgh.

The Borders Railway Golden Ticket Opportunity was revealed at this month’s meeting, with Scottish Borders Council seeking suggestions for those who will be given entry onto a special return train when the line opens on September 5, 2015.

On a less savoury note, it was noted that dog fouling was becoming more prevalent in outer areas of the village such as Cemetery Road, and chairperson Gwen Crew proposed that notices were produced locally to place at each end of the road.

In other correspondance from the local authority, it was heard that members’ input was being sought to suggest a new street name for a development by Eildon Housing Association, as well as house numbering, east of Number 6 Jedward Terrace. But the minutes stated: “We agreed with the house numbering proposed, but no suggestions were forthcoming for naming of the new street. Of greater concern to us is the provision of adequate parking areas for the development, which was unclear from the information provided.”

A considerable discussion then took place regarding SBC’s proposed boundary changes, which aim to reduce the number of councillors but would create a Denholm “super ward” centred on Jedburgh rather than Hawick. The matter is only out to consultation.

However, the community council was able to make a firm decision not to enter this year’s Floral Gateway Competition. Entry submissions were due by June 25, and it was felt that too short notice was given.

Only one planning application had been sent in for the community council’s observations, regarding the erection of a therapy pool building at Cavers Auld Kirk. No comments were voiced or submitted.