Denholm Ride-out in jeopardy

Denholm Ride-out may be cancelled over the cost of paying for portable toilets and a lack of volunteers to police the event.

The Denholm Feuars and Housholders Council says it can’t afford to pay for the portable toilets after an increase in hire amounting to almost £600 and a lack of volunteers has left the ride-out’s future hanging in the balance.

Last year, visitors to Denholm were charged £7 to park on the Green and £12 to erect a gazebo, but according to Feuars council member Lynn Ferguson an increase of £600 for toilet hire has placed a massive financial burden on her group which can’t be met.

Speaking to the Hawick News yesterday (Thursday), a clearly exasperated Mrs Ferguson said: “We can’t afford to pay the extra cost of hiring toilets and we cannot manage without them.

“There has been huge issues in the past over people urinating in closes and garden so not having them is not an option and we just don’t have the money.

“Last year we broke even but this year we are facing an increase of £600 to pay for the toilets.

Mrs Ferguson added that her group were looking at applications for grant funding to pay for toilet hire but that a lack of volunteers is also a real concern: “People just don’t seem to want to help. We have the usual folk and they are great but we need more. We want this event to go ahead so I am appealing for volunteers to help out. But, the reality is that unless the issues are resolved the ride-out may not go ahead.”

Common-Riding Committee chairman Stuart Marshall said: “I would be very disappointed if the ride-out to Denholm was cancelled because of the lack of volunteers or resources.

“It would be a very sad day if this was to happen as there is no doubt that this is the most popular ride-out of them all.

“It would be a huge blow to several local businesses and I really hope the situation can be resolved very soon.”