Denholm residents raise concerns over broadband speed

Hawick MSP John Lamont
Hawick MSP John Lamont

Denholm residents have had a chance to raise their concerns about broadband in the village after a meeting with senior management at BT and a representative from the Scottish Government on Monday night.

The event was organised by local MSP John Lamont in the town’s Village Hall and although there won’t be a quick fix to the problems being experienced in the village Denholm be given a
new internet exchange by 2017.

Speaking after the meeting, MSP Lamont said: “Following this meeting BT can be left in no doubt about just how much anger has been caused by the internet service being provided in Denholm. In this day and age having a fast and reliable internet connection is vital.”

However, Denholm resident Kevin Currie wasn’t impressed by the BT representative, adding: “The meeting was well attended however the BT woman was very aggressive and not very helpful. It is clear that any upgrade will not happen until 2017 and will be done by the Scottish government with local gov funding then BT will sit back and take our money again. BT admit that our exchange is using 2006 technology yet they charge us 2014 prices.”

A BT spokesperson said: “BT attended the meeting to explain plans for fibre upgrades in rural parts of Scotland and there was some robust debate.

“We agreed at the meeting to look into what appeared to be a number of faults raised by individuals at the meeting and were able to get these fixed the next day. BT director Liz Mallinson, has personally called all those customers who left details on the night to give them an update.”