Demand for action amid road safety concerns

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AN urgent call has been made to look into the speed of traffic using Mart Street roundabout.

And concerned local, Greg McLeod, whose wife and children recently narrowly avoided injury, has branded the area “an accident waiting to happen”.

Mr McLeod, who has reported his concerns to local councillor Ron Smith and the traffic warden, pinpointed the exit from the Morrisons supermarket as a key issue, with motorists travelling too fast and sight lines obstructed for both drivers and pedestrians.

He said: “There’s a blind spot there when you’re crossing Weensland Road because of a sign and the size of the hedge.

“Cars come flying around the corner and I know of numerous occasions where people have almost been hit.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen and I’m not prepared to wait any longer for something to be done. It could be one of my family that’s hit or killed.”

Councillor Smith said he shared the concerns regarding the speed of vehicles and has asked the roads department at Scottish Borders Council to look into the issue.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: “We are not aware of any problems at the Mart Street roundabout.

“It is something we can look further into if people raise their concerns with the council.”