Delivering a cash boost for Kerr fund

May I, through the courtesy of the Hawick News, float an idea that has been in my mind for some time.

In view of the cost of postage, which will often be more than most Christmas cards, I have decided not to send any cards locally. Instead, I will send the money I save to the Margaret Kerr Palliative Care Unit fund which, as you know, is going towards the establishment of a badly-needed hospice at Borders General Hospital.

I therefore wish anyone who reads this letter a very happy Christmas and good health in 2013

This is very early to be wishing people a Happy Christmas, you may say. Well I thought, if you think it is a good idea you might decide to do the same. If that were to be the case it would be no good leaving the idea until December when you might have already bought your cards – would it?